Wadi Showka Dam in RAK benefits from clean-up initiative

Ras Al Khaimah

A total of 500kg of waste was collected at Wadi Showka Dam by volunteers during an initiative organised by Adventurati Outdoor, an adventure tour company that specialises in mountain activities in Ras Al Khaimah.

Also taking part in the clean-up initiative were volunteers from Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority (RAKTDA), Public Works and Services Department (PWSD), SANID and Takatof.

CEO, RAKTDA, Raki Philips remarked: “While a competitive tourism offering is key to ensuring the Emirate’s wider appeal, sustainability continues to be at the heart of our tourism strategy. As a destination with invaluable natural assets, it is our shared responsibility to inspire and educate residents and visitors about the importance of preserving the natural environment and acting responsibly to minimise negative impact.”


Also commenting was founder, Adventurati Outdoor, Fadi Hachicho: “We want to start the new season by getting the community to join us outdoors and doing so for a cause. Each one of us has a responsibility towards the environment. It is our responsibility to keep it clean, sustainable and spreading awareness about the importance of protecting it. Together we can reduce the impact on the environment. We follow the ‘Leave No Trace’ programme to create the habit of ‘take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints’ when enjoying the outdoors. It is simply everyone’s responsibility.”

Wadi Showka offers visitors numerous route options for hiking, running and cycling, as well as camping spits, and attracts thousands of nature-adventure enthusiasts from all over the world.