WTM London 2018 to host special challenge tackling overcrowding in Europe’s tourism hotspots

WTM London 2018

WTM London 2018 will hold a unique day-long challenge, organised by the Digital Tourism Think Tank (DTTT), on November 7, with teams competing to solve overcrowding in some of Europe’s busiest destinations.

Working with I amsterdam, the destination challenge will require teams from start-up hubs, tech communities and innovation centres, alongside destination, industry and academia, to use design thinking to come up with a solution to overcrowding in these popular tourist hotspots.

Applicants are invited to apply for their spot by filling out an application form and explaining why this topic is important to them. Applicants will then be sorted and arranged into teams ahead of the day to allow for additional preparation and research. On the day, the teams will then listen to real-life case studies from Amsterdam before getting on with the challenge and finding a solution to ‘How can we overcome the challenge of overcrowding in tourism hotspots and spread the value of tourism wider?’.

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“This is a truly unique gathering of some of the brightest minds from within, and also outside, of the travel industry,” founder, DTTT, Nick Hall remarked. “For challenge participants, the opportunity is unprecedented; to pitch solutions to a hugely engaged audience of leading destination and industry professionals in the Europe Inspiration Zone. The winning team get to take their ideas to #DTTT Global 2018 in Helsinki, take part in Slush 2018, the world’s leading start-up event, and have the chance to prototype their ideas with the world’s leading destinations.”

The challenge host cities, as well as WTM London and DTTT experts will be on-hand throughout the day to offer guidance, feedback and advice before each team pitching to a panel of judges at the end of the day. The judges will be assessing each pitch based on the strength of their solution, how realistic it is to launch, how creative their approach is and how long it is likely to last.

The challenge takes place all day on November 7, kicking off at 08:00, with the final round of pitching happening at 15.00-16.30 in the Europe Inspiration Zone.