Kanoo Travel and Sabre Corporation strengthen cooperation

Kanoo Travel

The Middle East’s Kanoo Travel has extended its 25-year partnership with Sabre Corporation.

A new multi-year agreement will result in the travel company using Sabre’s industry-leading technology and solutions to power operations, drive growth and transform the experience it offers its customers.

Through its alliance with Sabre, Kanoo Travel was able to develop its own customised platform, Kanoo Krystal, which provides the agency with unique content and corporate solutions that meet evolving traveller needs.

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The new agreement will see Krystal combined with Sabre’s cutting-edge Sabre Red 360 platform, which leverages data-driven insights to offer travellers greater choice and highly personalised experiences. This powerful combination will enable the agency to work faster and smarter and will help generate additional revenue opportunities.

President, Kanoo Travel, Nabeel Kanoo declared: “Sabre’s technology has been critical in responding to constantly evolving market demands and traveller needs. We expect that travel in our region will increase in a post-COVID-19 environment.  We need to be ready for this by equipping ourselves with intelligent technology that makes shopping and booking travel intuitive, personalised and flexible.  Partnering with Sabre will give us a competitive edge during what is a pivotal time for travel.”

Kanoo Travel is additionally making use of Sabre Virtual Payments, which grants the company complete control and flexibility over how it makes and receives payments.

Vice president, Sabre Travel Network Middle East, Abdul-Razzaq Iyer commented: “To fuel recovery, agencies like Kanoo Travel need access to cutting-edge technology and content. Kanoo is already a proven innovator in travel, delivering highly tailored experiences to its customers.  However, we expect that any recovery of travel in the Middle East will likely be very competitive, and travellers will want to be given increased choice, control and flexibility.

“With its suite of intelligent technology, Sabre can help Kanoo react to real-time changes and deliver a highly consultative service to its travellers,” he concluded.