Korea Tourism Organization hosts medical tourism FAM trip for UAE agents

Korea Tourism Organization

The Dubai office of Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) hosted its first medical familiarisation trip to South Korea from May 23-28.

Invitations were sent to key agents in the UAE that specialise in medical tourism, including Omeir Travel, AlRostamani Travel, AlTayer Travel, Orient and SATA. The travel trade delegation was issued special visas and the mandatory two-week quarantine was waived.

South Korea’s health system offers quality health care and state-of-art facilities. The FAM-trip was coordinated to shed light on the destination’s up-to-date health facilities, wellness resorts and advanced treatment for spinal problems, while also providing a comprehensive understanding of Korea’s excellence in medical programmes and infrastructure.

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Regional director, KTO, Hyunsun Hong declared: “Korea is becoming a popular destination for medical tourists from all over the world and an emerging global medical leader, thanks to its skilled medical practitioners with extensive clinical experience, cutting-edge technology, competitive pricing, rapid and efficient diagnostics, and state-of-the-art IT-based medical infrastructure.”

During the FAM trip, the agents visited several hospitals and wellness centres, as well as beauty clinics, and met with experts. They tried out numerous services and spent some quality time shopping, visiting tourist attractions, embarking on cruises and dining at halal and international restaurants. The agents gained an in depth understanding of the range and quality of medical and wellness services accessible to visitors that will encourage them to promote the destination to their clientele.

Head of sales, Omeir Travel, Ashraf Fawzy commented: “Every necessity of a GCC traveller is met in this country, starting from world-class medical care to endless shopping markets, halal restaurants, the hygiene of highest standards, safety and security, and above all, a generation of honest, friendly and disciplined people.”

By the end of 2019, a total of 497,464 international tourists including 4,089 UAE nationals had visited Korea for medical purposes. The most common treatments for UAE medical tourists in Korea were malignant tumors, pediatric heart surgery and spine surgery.

Those wishing to find out more about Korea’s medial tourism offering can visit visitmedicalkorea.com, which is a one stop medical tourism platform operated by KTO. The platform offers a free online consultation for agents and medical tourists, and is available in English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.