Oman Air introduces new amenity kits and in-flight extras

Oman Air

Ever-working to offer its passengers memorable experiences, Oman Air has introduced a new range of amenity kits on all long-haul day and night flights, which offer travellers a number of essential products.

Luxurious male and female Amouage-branded bags are offered in first class, while a unisex bag is offered in business class.

Travellers can look forward to a set of luxurious Amouage essentials, including hand and body moisturiser, face cream and lip balm. Also included in the kits is a Colgate dental kit and a mouthwash. Both first class male and business class unisex sets come with an individually packed shaving kit, while for the first class female traveller, a handy vanity set is also included.

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For those travelling on shorter flights, a new comfort set has been introduced, comprising complementary eyeshades, a hairbrush set and a Colgate dental kit.

In the coming months, economy guests on all long-haul flights will be granted a set of new amenity kits in various vibrant prints, showcasing Oman’s diversity and the unique destinations it flies to. The kits will offer a dental kit with Colgate toothpaste, socks, earbuds and a range of colourful printed eyeshades.

Adding to this, a new ‘While you are sleeping’ card has been introduced to ensure that economy class guests do not miss their meals if they fall asleep during the meal service. The card, which will be left near the guest during their rest, is a friendly reminder that the Oman Air crew has not forgotten about their meals.