Shaza Hotels launches Shaza ASSURES for safety of guests and staff

Shaza Hotels

Shaza Hotels has announced the launch of Shaza ASSURES – a carefully designed programme of detailed standards for the health and safety of guests and staff.

Shaza ASSURES is being rolled out at both Shaza- and Mysk-branded properties, as they open with substantial training in maintaining a well-sanitised environment.

Some of the protocols under the new programme include temperature checks; a declaration form signed by guests confirming that they are COVID-19 free; intensive cleaning of rooms; no or minimal interaction with housekeeping; downtime between two stays in one room; PPE equipment for guests and colleagues, such as masks and sanitisers; distanced seating in lobbies and restaurants; pre-compiled check-in for minimal interactions; and in-room dining designed to have no or low interaction.

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Executive vice president, Shaza Hotels, Sanjiv Malhotra said: “The human spirit will recover well before economies do. Travel will return and safety and hygiene will be on the minds of travellers. Shaza Hotels has launched Shaza ASSURES, a detailed Hygiene Protocol. It will be our continuous endeavour to ensure that all areas in the hotel are maintained with the highest level of continuous sanitisation and the staff is trained to address the heightened concerns.

“With care and attention to detail, Shaza Hotels offers peace of mind to its guests, to enable them to create new memories and begin to explore and travel again. We will be agile and sensitive in understanding your requirements whether you travel for business or leisure to a Shaza Hotel,” Malhotra concluded.