Spain Tourism unveils ‘Travel Safe’ campaign

Spain Tourism

In light of the Spanish borders slowly opening up to international travellers, Spain Tourism has launched a Travel Safe campaign.

The Travel Safe campaign has two key objectives; the first being to inform travellers on the requirements and conditions while travelling to Spain and the second being to encourage travellers to visit the destination.

The campaign’s dedicated microsite offers travellers daily updated information on the many health and safety measures that have been introduced across the country. It is an informative and interactive platform that displays daily updated information and covers all aspects of safety, health and entry requirements. The microsite also allows travellers to plan their trips and search the availability of tourist services, while offering information regarding all aspects of safe travel from the beginning of the journey to the end.

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Spain’s borders are still closed to travellers from many countries including Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states. However, the country is on a mission to attract Saudi tourists through targeted marketing and PR activities once borders open.

The perfect option for a holiday, Spain boasts rich and fascinating culture, stunning natural scenery and a charming urban lifestyle. The destinations offers a variety of experiences including high-end shopping, entertainment, adventure and exclusive gourmet and luxury experiences.