Turkish Airlines reveals new livery to promote investment in Turkey

Turkish Airlines is inviting international investors to invest in Turkey with its brand new livery which sports ‘Türkiye’ye yatırım yapın / Invest in Turkey’ on the body of the TC-JIZ registered Airbus 330 type plane in its fleet.

The ‘Invest in Turkey’ plane was introduced for the first time at a meeting held at Turkish Airlines’ Technic’s new aerodrome, attended by  chairman of the board and the executive committee of Turkish Airlines, İlker Aycı and president, Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT), Arda Ermut.

Aycı commented that applying this livery on a plane will contribute significantly to the promotion of Turkey. He added that this new ‘Invest in Turkey’ initiative marks the first time that this has been written on the body of a plane in Turkish Airlines’ history.

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Meanwhile, Ermut noted: “The synergy between two prominent organisations such as our Investment Agency, which has assumed the mission of promoting Turkey’s investment climate to the global business community and serving as a one-stop solution partner for all ventures of international investors, and Turkish Airlines, is increasingly getting stronger.”

Ermut explained that the Prime Ministry Investment Agency, which was founded as part of Turkey’s vision to successfully bring the profound transformation it has realised in the past 12 years to the future, gives efforts to transfer Turkey’s vast potential to investment projects that will create high value and technology.

He added: “As an organisation that has used many different platforms so far to promote Turkey – an island of stability in its region – to international business community and raise awareness on Turkey’s investment environment, that has held events throughout the world, the rise of this plane that will carry our slogan ‘Invest in Turkey / Türkiye’ye Yatırım Yapın’ to skies, will be a source of pride for us.”